David Aryn, north east based singer/ songwriter covers the song by Grover Washing Jnr and Bill Withers. With his amazing energy, vocals and guitar playing, David manages to set this song into his own. David is always playing live around the North East check out his Facebook to keep up to date with his whereabouts! Listen to him playing ‘just the two of us’ on a wonderful McClaren Guitar s16!

David is playing a McClaren S-16 Guitar

Video and Sound by Connor Thomas at CTRecording

McClaren Workshop Sessions showcases the best musicians of the North East, and the variety of music in the area.

David Aryn Instagram: https://instagram.com/davidaryn

David Aryn Facebook: https://facebook.com/davidarynmusic/ C

Connor Thomas Instagram : https://instagram.com/connorthomasmusic

Sam McClaren Guitars : https://www.mcclarenguitars.co.uk

Sam McClaren Guitars Instagram : https://instagram.com/mcclarenguitars

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